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Saving The Planet, whilst Saving Pounds!

LED lighting technology has developed dramatically in recent years. It provides major benefits to your business, such as:

  • Long LED life - fittings have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, resulting in 11 years of life at 100% usage and 22 years life at 50% usage.
  • Energy efficient - With LED lighting, 80% of energy is converted into light while only around 20% is lost in heat and other sources, while with traditional incandescent lighting produces 20% light and 80% lost in heat.
  • Ecologically friendly - LED Lighting contains no toxic chemicals, making them 100% recyclable. Whereas most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain a multitude of materials like mercury, these chemicals are dangerous for the environment.
  • Tough - LED is shock and vibration resistant, it withstands rough conditions.
  • UV - LED does not give off any damaging ultra violet light.
  • Temperature - un-like most other light fittings, LED is not affected by either high or extremely low temperatures.
  • Application - The light given off via LED is directional, meaning you don't waste light and energy illuminating space that light isn't needed.
  • Cost and expense - Installing LED lighting ensures a guaranteed financial saving on energy costs.


  1. Give our team a call and book an appointment for us to look at your current high energy using lighting system.
  2. We will carry out a free site audit. Here will discuss your requirements and all specifics regarding the installation of the new lights.
  3. We will produce a proposal which will detail the amount of energy that your establishment is currently using and the running cost, we will then provide you with a direct comparison of energy output and costing with the LED equivalents.

There is no obligation involved, so once we have provided you with a proposal the decision is left to you, you decide if you would like to upgrade to energy efficient lighting that is cost effective, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Contact our electrical project managers in Yorkshire to arrange the electrical project management we have to offer.